Etiquette Sessions


Sample workshop topics for professionals

Session 1:

Accepting and extending the invitation

Guest and host duties at the table

Practical application of the silverware, glasses place settings

Your chair, the napkin and excusing yourself

Session 2:

Complete Dining Tutorial

Proceeding through the meal course by course

American vs. Continental Styles

Difficult foods and hard to pronounce words on the menu

Session 3:

How to be a Lady or a Gentleman

Shaking Hands and Standing Up

Toasting and Hosting

Excusing yourself from the table

Appropriate conversation

How to give and accept the toast

Session 4:

Your Office Behavior ~ is everyone talking about you?

The office door

E-mail etiquette

Session 5:

Travel Tips and Hints to survive outside the office

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Elevators and Circle Doors

Appropriate tipping and gratuities

topics for children

Children's events are held periodically for various age ranges at the Venue on the Boulevard. Private sessions can also be in your home or other location. From a children's tea party including etiquette training or a session designed to help the children in social settings are available. They will learn the proper place settings with a hands on activity where they set their own silverware, plates and glasses. Other topics included: chewing with mouth closed, sitting up at the table, not interrupting adults, eye contact, conversations and much more. Oh and saying thank you, excuse me and please!