Charm is the ability to make someone else think that both of you are wonderful. ~ Edgar Magrin

Professional Etiquette Training Seminars to give you the edge

The following are overviews of sessions that may be customized to your group. Every seminar is created individually for you after you complete a questionnaire. This assures that you are receiving exactly what your group is looking for. Click here to request a questionniare.

The Art of Dining

Accepting and extending the invitation
Guest and host duties at the table
Silverware Savvy: practical application of the silverware, glasses and place settings
Dining Do's & Don'ts: proceeding through the meal course by course
Your chair, the napkin and excusing yourself
Eating challenging foods
Appropriate conversation
Receiving lines

How to be a Lady/Gentlemen

Shaking Hands and Standing Up
Toasting and Hosting
Excusing yourself from the table
Appropriate conversation
How to give and accept the toast 
Receiving lines

Your Office Behavior

Your business image through the phone
Dos and don’ts in the business office
Is everyone talking about you?
The office door
E-mail, cell phone and cube etiquette
I’m mad at you- now leave!

Travel Tips and Hints    

Travel survival outside the office
Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Elevators and Circle Doors
Appropriate tipping and gratuities